Jee Mains Syllabus


The candidates who are preparing for Jee Mains in 2019.We, the Study4Adda are here to help you out.With the years of experience, we have sorted the optimum course so that you can at least score 200 marks in Jee Mains in an exclusive manner.

So here are the some techniques you can follow-:

1.Subject-Wise Preparation -: Here we follow Divide and Conquer Technique

We will divide the subject according to our marking scheme to score minimum of 200 in Jee Mains.


This is the most scoring subject in Jee Mains Exam.You can easily score 80 marks, which comes all the way from NCERT text book.




In this, we are choosing particular chapter for Jee Mains.You can easily score 80 marks.


In this, we are choosing some particular questions which are repeated over years and have a particular pattern.You can easily score in 60 marks.

Here is the link to Previous Year Sample Paper.

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